Builders Warranty Inspection

A builders warranty inspection takes place typically around the 10th-11th month of owning a new home. This is the perfect time to have the home inspected by a home inspector. Why do I need to have a builders warranty inspection? Why can’t I do the inspection myself? All great questions. A licensed home inspector is an unbiased experienced professional who can assess different issues and help you better determine what is common and what is problematic. A professional report with pictures will be delivered which easily identifies and explains issues which exist. Once you have reviewed this report you may then forward it to your builder.

Will your builder fix every small detail? Likely they will not. Some of the issues many home buyers experience are normal wear and tear and fall under maintenance. Yes even a new home may need maintenance. A licensed home inspector will help discuss the issues you are experiencing upon arrival. During this discussion you can determine if these issues are maintenance issues or something the builder needs to address. Almost all homes have some issues when built and many builders say there is not a perfect home. I say there is no reason you can’t get a home as close to perfect as possible. A home inspector will go top to bottom looking in the areas most people won’t, trying to determine how the home is functioning.

In the last month I have inspected two homes on builders warranty inspections which had leaking showers. Active leaks in these showers were found in the first few months and were “repaired”. Apparently the attempts to make repairs were insufficient and further repairs will be necessary. So without a builders warranty inspection these issues and the repairs necessary to correct them could be the owners costs rather than the installers. Repairs for these leaks will involve some exploring to pinpoint the issue and then make the necessary repairs which will cost ten times or more than the inspection fee.

In conclusion call a licensed home inspector for your builders warranty inspection. Then submit a builders warranty inspection report to your builder and have them make the repairs.  An experienced licensed home inspector who is certified with the American Society of Home Inspectors is a good place to start looking for a home inspector.

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