As a home inspector, we often receive inquiries from homeowners for reputable people to work on or around their homes. This sometimes puts the home inspector in a precarious position.  On one hand we are in the business of informing our clients of the condition of their home and usually giving ideas or tips for making repairs or corrections without throwing their wallet out the window.  We are bound by an ethics code to not perform work on the homes we inspect.  So we can’t offer quality, reliable, trustworthy, and honest work outside of our inspection services.  One goal which is always in the background of most home inspectors is finding good contractors who we feel we can refer to our clients.  Sometimes we have used the contractors ourselves and sometimes we have only talked a few times to the contractor but feel they are trustworthy.  No matter who we refer we always recommend to our clients to get more than one quote and whenever possible get three quotes.


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Do you have questions about lead in your home and how to find a lead safe certified contractor.



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