Nashville Home Inspector

Buying a home in Nashville? Call a Nashville Home Inspector. The things we find are just amazing. Well one of last weeks inspections was a flip or a flop, depending on your perspective. Since the home is recently “renovated” with building permits present from the local building officials we should have no problems. So you think great they are doing things properly. Well major issues are present which fall under those city officials inspection parameters, and things start to go downhill.

So the plumbing has a few issues from venting issues which can lead to sewer gasses entering the home, to an entire bathroom drain line not connected in the crawl space. Can you imagine not having the home inspection only to find out your toilet is emptying on the crawl space floor. Many other issues were present such as improper siding installation, to no vapor barrier in the crawl space. So the bottom line is no matter how new or how recently renovated the home is, it’s best to have a home inspection. Call a licensed experienced home inspector and be present at the inspection.

Daley Home Inspections, serves the greater Nashville area and has a background in residential construction and home owners insurance and is a Certified Inspector with the American Society of Home Inspectors. You can call or email to schedule your home inspection today. Daley Home Inspections offers many services check out our website to see if we can help you.

Nashville Inspection Drain line disconnected

Nashville Home Inspector finds drain line not connected in the crawl space.