Water lines

What makes up your Nashville plumbing water lines?


One of the many things to consider when buying a home is the condition of the water lines. The plumbing in many older homes is an issue if it has not been properly updated. One of the issues of concern is the type of material used for the water lines. The plumbing in residential homes can vary with the age of the home. The most common types of supply lines are Galvanized, PVC, Copper, CPVC, or PEX. These materials are used to distribute water inside the home. The one material which is problematic because of it’s age is the Galvanized material.

The opinions on the life expectancy of galvanized lines vary. One article on the HUD site stated water mains of galvanized material last 20-30 years. While other sites say galvanized material last from 40-50 years. It’s a good bet if the home still has galvanized water lines installed, they are deteriorating. These lines would be nearing 40 years old at a minimum today and replacement should be expected.

The galvanized lines are most commonly found in homes built in the early 70’s and older homes. Many of the homes have had some sort of upgrade but these lines may still have some sections of galvanized left in place because of the difficulty of accessing the lines in the wall or other hard to reach areas. Basically the galvanized pipe is an iron pipe which has been zinc coated. As this pipe ages the zinc coating deteriorates and the line will begin to develop rust both on the inside of the line and at the connections. This is where you have a problem. Rust colored water, low water pressure and leaks are the issues which occur as these lines deteriorate.  The galvanized line is also found as the main water line connecting the home to the city line and can be costly to replace.
Having your home inspected by an ASHI certified home inspector can help you discover the condition and type of plumbing in the home. Many of the Nashville area homes have had face lifts on the inside but the plumbing has not been updated. Your home inspector can help you discover the condition and types of plumbing in place. If these galvanized lines are still in place, it’s time to budget for replacement.

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