Pre-Purchase Home Inspections

IMG_0975Pre-Purchase Inspections

A pre-purchase home inspection looks at many aspects of the home including foundation, accessible framing, roof systems, plumbing and electrical, the heating and cooling systems, insulation and many more areas. Daley Home Inspections inspects homes of all ages. Jason will inspect all of those areas you didn’t have time to look at when you were busy finding that perfect house.  There are so many factors to consider when finding your new home, no buyer has the time and most just don’t have the knowledge to look at the areas which may have issues.  Not many people get in the crawl space when they are looking for a new home.  When hiring Jason for a pre-purchase home inspection he does the dirty work for you and will bring along his years of experience in the construction and insurance industry.

A pre-purchase home inspection gives you a better understanding of the overall condition of the home.  In Nashville, many of the homes are built on crawl spaces.  The crawl space is a place most buyers don’t look when shopping for homes.  If a buyer does look they generally pull the door open and take a quick peek in.  The majority of the issues in crawl spaces happen to occur in the most difficult place to access.  Jason will take the time to explore the home you’re purchasing from the roof to the foundation and identify the issues. Whether it’s a leaking or aging roof, leaking plumbing in the crawl space, to improperly wired electrical in the electric panel. The hard to reach places are where the issues are discovered. Jason puts on his protective gear and spends a lot time trying to access those hard to reach places and check out the condition of the home.

Your inspection will meet and in most cases exceed the ASHI Standards.  From the roof to the crawl space if it’s accessible Jason will evaluate all of the different areas of the home, applying his years of residential construction and insurance background, and give you a computer generated report with color photos.  Your report will be accessible through e-mail, web retrieval.