Radon Testing

Daley Home Inspections offers Radon testing for the Nashville area. The Nashville area is in the Zone 1 of the EPA Radon Map making it a high risk area. The following counties in the Nashville area fall under the Zone 1 rating; Davidson County, Williamson County, Wilson County, Rutherford County. These counties which fall in to the zone 1, are predicted to have an average risk higher than 4.0pCi/l. This 4.0pCi/l level and higher is the level at which radon mitigation systems should be installed, per the EPA, to help reduce the levels within the living space.

More information on Radon in your home and the effects can be found on the EPA’s website. Follow the link for more information https://www.epa.gov/radonRadon testing can be done at the time of your home inspection for a discounted fee. The real estate transaction test is a short term 48 hour test. For this 48 hour test we use a continuous radon monitor which is an EPA approved testing unit. These units need to be calibrated annually to maintain accuracy. The testing unit takes a reading hourly and a report is pulled from the machine and delivered to the customer within 24 hours of retrieving the unit.

Many new homes in the area are built with passive radon systems. These systems are piped for removal of the radon gas without a fan motor installed. The only way to verify these systems are operating properly is to run a radon test. Inspecting the installation of the radon system is part of most home inspections and often times the vapor barrier and piping is not installed properly.

Call or email today to schedule your home inspection with a radon test today. Radon testing without a home inspection can be scheduled as well. Serving the greater Nashville area including Davidson, Williamson, Wilson, Rutherford, and Sumner counties.